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Monday, January 1

Start the New Year Right

We boycotted the new Run on One race this year as they changed the location from the banks of the Willamette River to a shopping Mall parking lot. So we ran along the river anyhow - which BTW is running pretty high right now. Then enjoyed a generous proportion of Okra hash browns for breakfast.
(Great hangover meal!) 

A memo from the Conservation International New Year's resolution list:
9) Drink more water from reusable glassware.
"The average American consumed more than 400 beverage bottles and cans in 2006."

I keep a Nalgene Water Bottle (sorry not glass) in the fridge and refill it daily. This provides easy access to cold water without having to run the tap. Once every couple of days I send it through the dishwasher to keep it super clean. 
{We are fortunate enough to have OK tasting tap water.}