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Sunday, January 7

Training Wheels

Running and taking walking breaks {brakes} is like putting training wheels back on your bike!
I've never incorporated breaks into my runs. And I have nothing against walking - I do a lot of it. But mix and match...well it's going to take some getting used too.
- a chance to scrutinize the scenery/people more closely.
- felt more energetic at the completion of the run.
- used the break to walk backwards - resting the hamstrings.
- disrupts the boredom business.
- less bouncing.
- shoes last longer?
- takes longer to complete my run.
- had to keep an eye on my watch. I need one that goes "beep beep."
- have to adapt my playlist for slower beats.
- look like a weenie to the other runners zooming by me. After all this is "Track Town USA."

Scott Douglas--> "I was pleasantly surprised to find the first couple of walk breaks not all that disruptive. Still, it was weird, in part because while decelerating I was simultaneously telling myself to go into a fast walk, rather then the leisurely amble you might do at the end of a run. And, of course, doing this while averaging under 7:00 pace is an excellent way to draw stares."
I will give it an honest try on my long run days. If it enables me to complete a half-marathon still standing - carry-on!
Haven't registered yet ; )