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Wednesday, January 3


I incorporated a TT in my 4 mile run today.
(As recommended by Jeff Galloway.)
TT does not stand for Table Tennis or Torpedo Tube - but Time Trial.

Mile One

Actually it's speed training. Think about going around in circles on a track - fast.
Whatever you call it, it serves two purposes:
  • I can use the data to estimate how long it will take me to complete a half-marathon. (or any race)

  • Use it to boost my performance -- if this is earthly possible.

"By pushing the limits you may learn more about yourself than in any other activity in life." - Jeff Galloway

He suggests not to go all out the first couple of times (no puking) but 8:50 was a tad disappointing...
Please grant me countenance - I know more important than running fast --> is the ability to continue running and that means NO injuries.