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Thursday, February 15

New Hangout

The view from my new workout center; lanes of choppy blue pool water with the occasional head of a lap swimmer bobbing by.
I finally went back to the gym, after weeks of deliberation. 24 hr fitness in Eugene sold out their franchise and the new company wanted to charge me more fees.... (noway)
So the local rec centre is my new hangout. No fancy equipment or hot dressed babes, just me and the seniors.
Worked my quads +++
According to an article in the latest Runners World (Healthy Knees) strengthening your quadriceps keeps your patella from sliding about = less cartilage damage, etc. Good news for runners.
My problem is my quads are stronger than my hamstrings...but I wlll save that story for another day.
If you have any knee issues this article (Healthy Knees) is for you.

illustration by Henry Gray (1825 -1861)