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Monday, March 19

Black Toenail

The ABCs and running series:
Today's topic "BLACK TOENAIL"
Explicit images of blackened toenails are not very appealing but that's what I endured scanning for info about runner's BLACK TOENAIL.
I've been fortunate enough not to fall victim of this unattractive running injury. [I was involved in a one mishap -> big toe bushwhacked by a full can of paint.]
The proper name for Black toenail is a Subungual (under the nail or hoof) Hematoma (filled with blood).
Causes including everything from improper shoe size, running down hill, sweaty thick socks to abnormal toe lengths...
Galloway, who has had many black toenails, assumes every runner training for a marathon will eventually get one.


  • buy a shoe with at least half an inch toe room. [That's why I wear 9s and Shaquille O'Neal wears 21 EEEs!]

  • lace-up, so your foot does not slide forward.

  • wear expensive socks made from wicking materials.

  • grease toes with vaseline.

  • foot baths with epsom salts.

  • if toe really hurts (an 8 on the 1-10 scale) go see a doctor to have the pressure released.

  • not recommended! - drill a hole in your nail with a sterile needle.

  • this procedure done by Dennis.

  • preventative measure - buy one of these on eBay - Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope.

And if your toe falls off?
Donate it to Dawson City, for a "Sour-Toe Cocktail!"