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Thursday, March 22

Site Review

The Final Sprint website - a recommended website with lots of information for active people.

Here's why:
It has reviews on new products.
Plays pod-cast interviews. (my fav)
Mixes in a few famous track star updates.
Quotes for the day.
And you can e-mail them with suggestion for topics.

What I don't like, but is inevitable, in this world of en·tre·pre·neur·i·al·ism, is the blinky advertising.
In one of their recent articles, about cold fluid consumption, they suggested that unless it's really HOT out or you're perspiring profusely - you only need to take in fluids during events that last more than 90 minutes. I thought it was every 20 mins... I did reluctantly stop at a water fountain yesterday at the 6.5 mile mark - not because I was thirsty but thought it was a good idea. When do you take water breaks?