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Saturday, April 21

Taper Down Week

I ran my favorite 5 miler this morning. An out and back through the neighborhood. It's mostly on asphalt, but includes a path in a nearby filbert orchard. YEAR TOTALS - Running: 236.9 miles.
This will be a taper down week in preparation for the upcoming half marathon race on Sunday. [Eugene Marathon]

Monday - Speed work TT 1 mile plus a warm up and cool down = 4 miles.
Tuesday - [Shop] They don't have a big selection of Sport Bras!

Wednesday - 7 miles slow - try to focus on achievement not speed.
Thursday - Go to the gym and conquer the weight room. Then climb on the Stairmaster - cool down on the recumbent bike.
Friday - REST [ Refrain from alcohol and defeatism.]
Saturday - Walk 3 miles to the market for an Americano. REST
Sunday Run 13.1 miles.