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Monday, May 14

The Era of Jogging

The ABCs and running series: Today's topic "Jogging."

"You are either a walker or a runner: There is no such animal as a jogger."
David Holt
A question I don't hear anymore, "Are you a jogger or a runner?" Years ago when I first started running it was very trendy to be a jogger. It became America's hottest fitness craze.
The term itself was coined in New Zealand by track runners who ran beyond the track .
A track coach named Bill Bowerman brought this practice back to the United States (Eugene, Oregon) to try out on his athletes.
Eventually a local sportswriter interviewed Bowerman. He ended up publishing several articles about the implications of jogging.
In 1966 Bowerman wrote a 20 page pamphlet on Jogging. The article became so sought after he published a book called "Jogging" which sold over one million copies!
That was in the 60s. Now, as I head out the door, I shout - "Going for a run." Even if it's at a slow pace... It seems the term Jogging has faded - but like my very first Nike running shoes, it still holds a treasured place in my lore of running.
ref. The Running Revolution
For jogger -> results about 5,810,000
For runner -> results about 45,500,000!