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Wednesday, May 9

Running With a Garmin

Like a data junkie that had just been feed, I analyzed the data with a fine tooth comb. Pace, speed, even elevation!
I was fortunate enough to try-out one of the Garmin Forerunner 305 devices. Thanks FS (())
It took awhile to get going. The heart rate strap needed to be synched just right so I could breath. The wrist strap adjusted, then re-adjusted. A quick refresher on the display buttons - then a pause outside to get in sync with the satellites... ready.
I actually had more fun watching the fluctuating pace rate than the mileage. I've never really been a steady runner. I shift with the wind...

Over all I was impressed with the coverage. It displayed a very accurate map of my route and only lost coverage for a brief moment while I ran through the orchard.
I had thought the heart rate monitor would bother me but it was no worse than wearing an underwire bra.
[Females are acclimated to this kind of gear.]

I did have a problem with the wrist device itself. It rubbing mercilessly over my bony wrist. It was too bulky for my small wrist.