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Thursday, May 3

Sit-ups Are Boring

On the front cover of the latest Runners World magazine is Ceci St. Geme, a 44 year old runner with abs of steel. {Even after having 6 kids.] To keep her abs in shape she does
100 regular sit-ups a day and then two minutes of a V-sit.
[What is a V-sit?]
I only do 40 sit-ups every other day... How many do you do?

Ways to make sit-ups less tedious:

  1. Plug in the iPod and turn up the volume. [Arctic Monkeys]

  2. Close your eyes - a chance you to rest them.

  3. Count out loud backwards - 99, 98,97...

  4. Change location to the bedroom, dining room, outside!

  5. See how many you can do during a commercial break.

  6. Use your fitness ball.

  7. Get a poster of this gal or this guy .

  8. Chart your weekly totals and post them on the fridge.