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Saturday, June 23

U R What U Eat

Finally getting around to reading Fast Food Nation.
[Not quite - Fast Run Nation.]
I have a scrolling list of books I want to read - as usual, not enough time. Maybe I should start listening to books - instead of tunes when I run. (Any suggestions?)
Anyways, the intro to this book gives clues to what the book is about -> OUR WANT FOR JUNK FOOD IS GREAT
"The typical American consumes approximately three hamburgers and four sides of fries every week!" (This data is five years old.)
And I don't eat at McDonalds - so someone is eating more than 3 hamburgers a week.


After reading that - ran 5.3 miles by the river. I notice they have torn up much of the old asphalt path and replaced it with concrete....

start to finish


swallows dive under the bridge

tag along - the shadow of a power line