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Monday, July 16

The Importance of Races

The ABCs and running series: Today's topic "The Importance of Races."
Racing is the reward for training – whether you run to finish or to place. Even if you’re just competing with yourself – racing can build self-confidence.
In the race I finished yesterday there was plenty of cheering and clapping at the finish line. I witnessed a collaborative support for everyone involved in the race - walkers and runners - kids and adults.
Entering races is a great way to rouse motivation.
And in some runners...awaken the competitive spirit.

Race Stuff

What: There is an arena of bodies and they move.
Who: A potpourri of abilities, ages, and outfits.
Why: Ribbons, money, bling and self esteem. (Draw prizes!)
When: Most races have AM starts (some too early) but I’ve also run in 2PM, 7PM and midnight events. Just don’t be late!
Where: Nowadays, it’s easy to check online to find upcoming races. Following the image is a list.

Find a race, mark your calendar and get going!

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