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Monday, July 2


The ABCs and running series: Today's topic "Pace"
I have three running paces - fast, really fast and slow. I've never been able to keep a steady pace during a race. By the end of the race, I run out of steam. Regulating your running pace during a race is very important. 

"There's an old adage that for every second too fast per mile in the first half of the race, you'll run at least 2 seconds slower at the end." - Galloway
What mystifies me are the training articles that tell you to run your first mile at an 8 minute pace and then 2nd at a 7:52 and 3rd miles at 7:15 pace.....Do these folk have built in speedometers? I guess most elite runners learn their pace on the track. Stop watch and coach.
Here are a few ways you can monitor your pace:
I know I run faster when listening to Led Zep's Rock&Roll. My pace is influenced by the beat of the song. So find some tunes that even out your pace. There is software online that will calculate the beats per minute (BPM) for any song. You can also download mixes from podrunner that have set BPM rates. (I always have a few of these tracks on my player.)

Running on the track
...Start pace training on a track. Equip yourself with a digital watch. Set the watch to beep at your 200-meter split time. Choose a comfortably hard 200-meter pace. As you run around the track, listen for the beep. You will quickly learn to pick up the pace if the beep comes before you pass your starting line, or slow down if it comes after. - The American Running Association.
One day I passed a runner that had a continuous loud beep radiating from his person. I call him The Running Metronome.

Count steps
This can help with turn-over and stride issues too. Counting can be used as a form of meditation... if it doesn't drive you insane first.

Treadmill running
This is a fairly accurate way to keep a steady pace and to gradually increase your pace in one workout. [If you can trust the distance.]
I still find it tremendously boring and laborious. But other runners swear by it.

Running with a GPS device
This gadget really works for me. As I swoosh along I can easily do spot checks to confirm my speed. When I think I'm slowing down I can instantly review my pace. The Forerunner 305 even has Virtual Partner on the display you can run along with. If the stickman runs ahead of you -> speed up!
I don't own one of these units but when I behave, I have access to one.