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Wednesday, August 8

Dealing with a Miserable Run

How do you deal with a miserable workout? You know - one of those days when you have to drag your ass out the door.
Before I even start, my mind is flooded with a list of excuses:

  • Not enough sleep.
  • Not enough water - too much coffee.
  • Salty potato chips.
  • I feel old; my shorts are too baggy, et cetera!
As I get going, I tell myself I will do just a short run. [ Self-induced brainwashing.]
Inevitably I start feeling better…

What works for me:
I start thinking about all the people who do nothing everyday.
I remember the one legged guy, struggling to get out of a car.
I look up at the sky.
I do a few “pole to pole” intervals.
I salute my freedom – and get off the regular path.
I focus my run on hunting for litter.
I talk to the cats hiding under cars.
You may not break any records on these days, but your spirit will appreciate the workout.

“Highs and lows. Ins and outs. We all experience them to some degree in our lives.” – Ali Edwards

Today’s Litter Patrol
1 package Dentyne gum – blue, empty box of Camels.