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Wednesday, September 19

Bouncing Nuts

As I ran this morning, the North Wind gusted up, crossing my path – chilling my legs. It really feels like Fall even though most of the foliage is still green.
I took a wayward short cut through the nut orchard and found filberts bouncing on the ground as if chucked by rapid squirrels. I stopped, picked one up and brought it home...

This Friday is National Run@Work Day. The event is put on by ROAD RUNNERS CLUB OF AMERICA who are trying to encourage people to be more active.
I am working Friday, but due to time constraints, it is impossible to run during my lunch. (Not enough break time.) Besides, it would take me longer to re-assemble than to run the 35 minutes.
I could run to work but 9 miles in city traffic = no fun. SO, I will run when I get home.
You can pledge HERE to run or walk at least 35 minutes this Friday.

Go For It!