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Saturday, September 15

Juxtapose - Running Blogging

After reading this post at I Will Change Your Life
Why You Should Blog.
I started to realize how similar running and blogging is.

Juxtapose - Running with Blogging

1. It’s Cheaper than Therapy
And running is generally better for your all-over health – not just your mental health. It gives you time out to reflect or escape – whatever you need. Many a brilliant thought has occurred while running.

2. It Can Potentially Be A Source of Income
Don’t laugh, if you’re real fast – you can make money. See - Boston Marathon Prize Money. Nevertheless, typical runners like me can still come up with some pretty divine draw prizes. Booty like, stained glass pictures to whole pizzas!

3. It is a Great Way to Network and/ or Make New Friends
Though I am not in a running group in Eugene yet, I do see familiar faces at the local races. We give each other the nod as we compare times and ages. Tom gives an excellent portrayal of the blogging running community and how important that is.

4. Its Creative
I think of running as an accomplishment. I invent myself as I run. Nothing wakens the inner muse more than a 5 mile run at sunrise.

5. it’s Free and Easy
Well not totally free, but can be almost free. Depends on how consumer complaint you are.
Buy your runners when last year’s models go on sale. (Rotate runners so they last longer.) And wear shirts from your last race.
As for Easy…My run today fell into that category. [Unfortunately not every run is effortless – but that’s life.] The cool fall air was invigorating. I felt like I could have gone forever – now that’s easy!

Thanks Peter for your inspiring post.