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Saturday, September 8

Mileage - So Far

Every time I read about mileage – especially long run distance, I feel inadequate.
I’m envious when I read posts like -> Finished 1000.
(After today’s run, my total is 555 miles.)
In the latest issue of Runner’s World;

“Do a long run of at least 90 minutes every week.”

When I was training for the half-marathon, I did do some very long runs – but now, in the off season, my longest runs are only 7 milers...
Years and years of running without goals have not been very productive – except proving to myself that I can run without getting injured. Maybe it’s time to get off the bench.
How to find a Running Coach

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circle marks the manhole
crows peck at fallen filberts
a dog’s bed – in the dumpster