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Monday, September 24

Running with Jack Daniels

I seemed to have reached a plateau in my training. My one mile TT is leveling off at 7:50 minutes. [ TT is done every few weeks to note progress. - Galloway ]
Perhaps my goal of running a faster mile is unrealistic.
Anyways, this book was highly recommended.
Daniels' RUNNING Formula
The book includes the usual topics: Base building, interval training and training focus. And also offers different training plans depending on your level.
The Red plan looks quite doable for me; recommending 20 – 35 miles a week.
Chapter Three supplies a method for assessing and monitoring your level using the VDOT method. (“A single number that’s easy to work with.”)
I will expand more on this method and the book as I start reading it.
(I need more read time in my life.)
Today’s run was a little lackluster after spending two days ocean side.

“Running is a good beginning to improved fitness; training is the next step up.”

See Table of Contents - > Daniels’ RUNNING Formula