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Saturday, October 27

One Week Eval

I successfully completed week 1 of the Red Plan from Daniels' RUNNING Formula book. (4 week repeat session for 16 weeks.) This type of structured workout is new to me. (I didn’t start running until I was 23 years old.)
Did a few modifications - transformed the 1000 m into miles since I don’t have a nearby track to run on. [1000 M = 0.621371 mi.] I had no problem with 6 reps of .5 mile with 1 min rests. I will bump the distant up to the actual .62 mile next week. Also I had to do my 4th run at the gym on the treadmill – ugh! [Listened to this insane mp3 on the tread.]
Evaluation so far:

  • Found a new running speed – moderately fast - by using Daniels’ prescribed VDOT pace. Not super fast but moderately fast. Tempo Runs twice a week can help you run faster. I actually felt like I wanted to run faster – but stayed within his training guidelines. (It was super easy to monitor pace by wearing a Garmin Forerunner - Thanks FS!)
  • Permission to do easy runs. Daniels defines Easy Pace Running as; “they are, or should be, free from trouble or pain.” 60% effort.
  • I had an increase interest in run days. Variety is the spice of life.
  • Allowed me to concentrate on my form.
  • Bouts of nausea, not sure if they were related to training or just some passing malady.
  • I found the stride work strenuous. Strides are 20 – 30 sec quick light runs with 1 min rests.
  • Running faster on flat roads means being more aware of traffic. No Zen moments while running.

Moonset Thursday morning before my run.