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Wednesday, October 17

Red Intermediate Plan

Finished reading Daniels' RUNNING Formula book last week and was quite impressed. I was able to sift through the élite training jargon and find lots of helpful information for the non professional runner.
To set training intensities, such as your tempo pace, he uses your last race results. – Kewl!
Using this data he assigns an individual VDOT #
Then using his VDOT table you find a set of tailored training speeds.
I like this system better than using your max HR as a guideline. (My heart skips about most runs so not giving an accurate picture. I know, lay off the coffee...)
I plan on trying his Red Intermediate Plan next week. It sounds challenging, but I’m ready for a change. More about the exact nature of the workout next week.
I will probably stick with this program till January and then start up the half-marathon training program by Galloway in prep for the Eugene Marathon race in May.

Luckily - today’s run was rain free!

start to finish

bivalvular mushroom
pit pull in the window
the daze of a yellow maple