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Wednesday, October 3

Training Goals

I watched the video at Nike on “Meet the Gouchers” after my run this morning. Talk about a competitive couple!
Anyways, what really hit home is how Kara changed from short distances to longer runs. She ran a half -marathon in England last week and won it with a time of 1:06:57 Inspiring. I wonder if competing with her runner husband has spurred her on.
[Adam Goucher, Kara’s husband, time - 1:03:15]
You don’t actually know what your body’s limits are until you push it.
I really liked the slower pace of the half marathon, but I didn’t like the wear and tear all the training miles took on my body. So I’m back focusing on running a faster mile. (At least until the end of the year.)

Did you checkout The Gouchers shoe rack! A shoe for every moment. (I guess it helps to have Nike as your sponsor.)

Podcast interview at Final Sprint with Kara Goucher