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Wednesday, November 7

The Small Things

“Take time out to reflect, review and realize something new at least once a day.”

They call it retrospective processing. [The gang at relax7.]
Today’s realization – I can still run efficiently without a cup of coffee in my body. In fact; I run better without the effects of the Caffeine on my heart. [Caffeine increases the levels of cAMP in the heart cells, mimicking the effects of epinephrine.]
I know this seems a little simple but we should pay attention to the small things daily and try to find answers before it’s too late.

The caffeine molecule is structurally similar to adenosine, and binds to adenosine …Therefore, caffeine acts as a competitive inhibitor. The reduction in adenosine activity results in increased activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine, largely accounting for the stimulatory effects of caffeine. - Wiki