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Saturday, December 1

Buying Shoes Online

clipartDo you buy your shoes online? In the change room I overheard a comment from a lady who bought all her shoes online. She said she orders up to 8 pairs and then returns the ones that don’t fit. Apparently,where she shops, they have a FREE return policy.

I’m nervous about buying shoes online even if I know the exact style and size. Maybe I have a foot fetish, but each shoe is like starting a new relationship. Shopping for runners is not easy. I frequently feel pressured to like their shoe choices. “This is what runners with high arches wear.” I am so particular on how a shoe feels, I’ve been know to leave the store emptied handed and despondent.

So maybe I should give the online shoe shopping a try. I can leisurely try them out around the house and then make a decision.
I need to find an online store that tenders Hassle FREE returns.