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Wednesday, December 5

Want to Look Like a Spartan?

Wallpaper image from 300

These bodies were not just a product of CGI but intense workouts!
While running this morning I listened to a podcast interview with Robbie Durand. (Exercise Scientist and Nutrition Expert)

He said these guys and gals trained up to 5 hours a day. And only 2 of the hours were spent sparing with blades etc…

Durand explains what worked for these guys was sleep, (yeah - a good nights sleep) proper diet, (I won’t get into his low carb promotion) and intense workouts in the weight room. By intense he means fast turnover rates – no lagging, chatting or resting in between sets. Just keep going like a maniac.

Obviously hard work builds muscle -> losing weight gives definition. Something to think about on gym days.

Hey Robbie, I need help with my triceps. I do dips and kickbacks to no avail.
300 Movie Trailer
Killer Arm Workout (YouTube)