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Wednesday, January 16

Basics of Training

>>On Assignment<< Amy of Runner’s Lounge fame has started a meme for fellow running bloggers. She assigns a topic pertinent to running and offers us a chance to run with it.

The topic this time is: Basics of Training.
Here are some basic tips I wish I'd knew before I started running:
Start slow – use the run/walk method.
Don’t compete with others – save that for later.
Be yourself.
Don’t set unrealistic goals.
STRETCH after each run. Tattoo this on your inner thigh.
Reward your achievements – new gear, etc…
Join a running club or group for direction.
When it hurts rest – walk. (Walking is not a malfunction.)
Enjoy the process of improving fitness.
Look in the mirror and say, "w00t – I am a runner!"

PS. On Thursday, January 24th Amy and Tom will post links to this article and everyone who participated. There is still lots of time to get your post ready!