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Wednesday, January 23

Caffeine is a Substance

starbucksI’m running faster – a total revelation. After years and years of just maintaining my pace - I’m starting to see improvements. Today’s tempo run was an easy 15 seconds faster then last months. I could contribute it to Daniel's Running Formula I worked with last Fall. But I think it has to do with the fact my heart is running smoother. Why?

Less caffeine.

I ended up wearing a Holter Monitor a couple of years ago. I had runs of bradycardia – rate 45 (This is a good thing.) I had 29 premature ventricular beats (Not a good thing.) Of the 88034 beats they counted, 93 were premature atrial beats which is OK – except they occurred mainly when I was running.
When the heart is not beating in a synchronous fashion you have a decrease in cardiac output. This means less blood to the lungs, muscles, etc. Your heart has to work harder!
I recommend decreasing your caffeine intake – if you are sensitive to it.
(Great - just when Starbucks tests $1 coffee and free refills!