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Wednesday, January 30

Motivation Techniques

clipart>>On Assignment<< Amy of Runner’s Lounge has started a meme for fellow running bloggers. She assigns a topic pertinent to running and offers us a chance to run with it.

The theme this week is : Motivation

I don’t have problems with motivation because running is a lifestyle (hobby) to me. Running is my drug.
Some of the best advice I can offer is to get up and get going – No coffee, surfing the NYT ,playing at Pogo, reading email or Twitters!

Other Persuasive Techniques:
  • Just say – “I will only run for 30 mins.” You usually/always run longer.
  • Listen to a motivational podcast. Such as health and fitness.
  • Just be grateful you have the ability to run. I sometimes pass a fellow shuffling along. We always wave. He has Parkinson’s disease.

“To me, every hour of the light and dark is a miracle.”
– Walt Whitman