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Wednesday, February 20

Favorite Core Workout on the Roman Chair

>>>On Assignment<< Amy of Runner’s Lounge has started a meme for fellow running bloggers. She assigns a topic pertinent to running and offers us a chance to run with it.

The theme this week is: Strength and Flexibility

Core body training is an important component to any exercise program. With a strong core you are less likely to succumb to injuries of the upper legs and back.

My absolute favorite Core training activity is the vertical Leg Raise.
I use the Roman chair at the gym. When I first attempted this exercise many years ago, I could barely support my own weight on my elbows. Now I can easily do 3 sets of 10 including twists. I do not do straight leg lifts because of low back issues. But bent knee lifts are very effective. This bodybuilding site recommends to start with 3-4 sets of 25-40 reps – and advance to - 2-3 sets of 50-100 reps.
[Yeah, right]

Some of the muscles involved in this workout:
Actual Audio of Me performing this at the gym last week ; )