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Saturday, February 2

Running Can Be Social

Make this a new rule: Running can be a social activity.
I’ve noted in my small sphere of regular readers that 4 of you – so far, are making plans to attend the Eugene Marathon. It would be nice to put a face to my readers.
I’ve lived in this unique city for about 7 years. Eugene is not a big city. If the turn out is anything like last year, it will be jam-packed!
I think an easy meeting place might be at the Health & Fitness Expo. This is where you pick up your shirts, etc. It’s open on the Friday and Saturday before the race. Not sure how I would make myself visible. Any ideas?
91 days to go!
Today’s 5 mile run was pleasant – just light drizzle - no snow! Easily kept up with my half-marathon goal pace. But did feel a slight tightness in my right calve. Massaged it out with some lavender oil from The Body Shop. Now I’m ready for an afternoon nap...