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Wednesday, February 13

What Are You Listening To?

>>>On Assignment<< Amy of Runner’s Lounge has started a meme for fellow running bloggers. She assigns a topic pertinent to running and offers us a chance to run with it.

The theme this week is: Music and Podcasts

I love my MP3 player - it is almost the perfect companion.
It speaks – I run.

The advents of smaller players have been a boon for runners like me. They are compact yet they can still pack a load of tunes! (My Sansa player only holds 4 GB – but I’ve never ran out of space… This iPod comes with 80GB.)
I still remember hauling along my Sony Walkman.

  • I use music for enjoyment, distraction, mood elevation, and pace setting.
  • I use podcasts for educational, deep thoughts and discussion purposes.

(I listened to a podcast today - it was an interview with Economist Eric Finkelstein about his new book The Fattening of America: How the Economy Makes Us Fat. Very interesting – he accepts reasons for overweightness but feeds his kids only water and oranges at soccer games.)

Here are a few places I upload from:

NYT Book Reviews
Podcast Bunker
Whole Foods Podcast
Nature Stories
Film Spotting (One of my favorites.)
Podcast Alley
BTW. The Portland Marathon is iPod friendly this year.