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Saturday, March 22

I Run Alone

Of the 197 miles I have run this year - 177 of them have been alone.
Last night, after work, I silently read Robert Sullivan’s account of his running club - the 7 at 7. (Runner’s World April 2008)
He spoke about meeting his runner pals and how they developed a partnership. 7 is for the time and the mileage.
He quotes:

“…the run that says run even if you don’t want to, because there’s another idiot standing outside of your house in the pouring rain, wondering where the hell you are.”
As I read, I felt a slight twinge in my heart – for I run alone. No one is waiting for me.
Feeling totally misanthropic, I began to realize that I actually like running alone. I can choose my own departure time, location, and pace. I can change my mind and can even run in circles picking up trash. No one is counting on me or keeping track of the miles.
A free spirit.

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