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Wednesday, April 9

Running By An Old Tree

I take it as a sign. This morning I spotted a young woman performing yoga under one of my favorite old trees in Eugene. I’ve just started thinking seriously about getting into yoga. The many years of running has left me inflexible and prone to injury. Now I know it must be the right time...

--- Trees I Run By ---

I frequently divert my run off the river path to run through the
Owen Rose Garden. It’s so fragrant when the roses are in bloom. (Over 4,500 rose bushes.)
But it’s this magnificent cherry tree that really draws me in. The limbs all knarly as they reach out over the roses. Like some wise Yoda it stands guard. Sadly, some of the lower braches are now supported with metal poles – we all get old...Today it was in full bloom.

A Black Tartarian Cherry
Live Web Cam
Prunus avium

This tree is 140 - 155 years old. Its trunk circumference 21 feet!
It continues to flowers profusely in the spring.
It is considered the largest cherry tree in Oregon, and possibly the entire United States!
Ref. Eugene Tree Foundation (pdf)