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Saturday, October 25

Bucket List of Races

My bucket list of races:

Big Sur Half-Marathon
The name alone inspires. Ocean vistas and hills beckon.

Bay to Breakers
[Just found out - you don't run over the Golden Gate Bridge... Still sounds like a great race!]

Maui 15K
I was married in Maui, so it will always be a special place.

Humboldt Redwoods Marathon + Half-Marathon
0 to run next to these giant trees… nirvana!

Crater Lake Rim Runs
With the elevation over 6000ft – I suspect this race would be challenging!

Space Coast Half-Marathon
It's just minutes away from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. A must for every space junkie.

Edinburgh Marathon (Scotland)
I would have to sign up for one of the relay teams, but to run by actual CASTLES! Way kewl.
Edinburgh has been the royal capital of Scotland since 1437.
What’s in your bucket list?