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Wednesday, October 15

A Sign or Just a Bookmarker

As I sit on this jet reading “life is a verb”, I notice the bookmark ->
I have a collection of bookmarks – actually a pile of them. So when I open yet another book, I slip one in – not really noticing it.
It is there to mark my place…
The day before I left, I busily read a number of my fav running blogs sites including Ted’s Running Journal.
He mentions he had met a couple of authors promoting their running books. He included a picture of him with Bart Yasso.
Strange coincidence or a sign?
It seems as we age we start paying less attention to the world. Perhaps there is just too much stuff to process.

Starting now – pay attention!

1. A bike tire mark in the mud. 2. A young man walking a golden lab. 3. The sound of a passenger train. 4. A path leading to nowhere. 5. How the sun melts the frost. 6. Direction of the wood grain on the boardwalk. 7. An out of place rock – how did it get there?

"Every day is a journey." wrote Basho

My Life On The Run

I wrote this post before I got home. Home Sweet Home. The above image was taken along one of my favorite runs in Canada.