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Saturday, October 18

Why Humans Run

Children run for fun – to explore – to chase. But what was the purpose of adult Homo sapiens running?

“Today running is regarded as a form of exercise. But perhaps a jog in the park goes much deeper than that: It could be affirmation of the very reason that we are human.” - National Geographic

In the Beginning

Fossil remains suggest Homo sapiens originally ran to catch animals for food. It came down to survival. Early humans also employed running as a “get away” skill. Allowing them to escape from enemies – animals and other humans!
A definite advantage to being a swift runner.
Evidence also suggested running was helpful in getting to the “dead meat meal” first! Arriving before the scavengers.


We typically run because we want to – not have to. [Yes, there are cases of humans running away from others for self preservation.]
But mainly, we run for the benefits.
“Some of these benefits include potential weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, and an improved emotional state.”
- Wiki
I would add to that list - glory and fame. For some of us : 0

The chief reason I run is to reap the psychological benefits!
Running keeps me sane – my head above water.

Why do you run?