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Monday, November 17

More Than a Hello

Near the end of my Saturday run, I passed by another fellow human. He was working his way down the sidewalk; I was cruising - homeward bound.crutches
He said, “Hello - How is your day?” Mummified – I blurted out “OK.”
Didn’t he see I was running – I couldn’t just stop and tell him the infinite details of my marvelous life!
In a flutter of seconds – I passed him.
Then I felt ashamed.

But first let me tell you about him.
He looked about my age perhaps a smidge older – dressed in a suit and tie. He was walking very awkwardly on crutches. As I did a quick scan, (runners are very good at this) I noticed he had special shoes on. Made of black polished leather. The left shoe had a 3 inch sole lift on it.
In a flutter of seconds – I passed him.
Then I felt ashamed.

I quietly asked myself - how was his day going… Was it his first walk on a new leg? Had he been born with a handicap? Or was he walking slowly because he was in extreme pain – recovering from surgery or perhaps a car crash.
The only thing I know for sure is that I should have stopped and talked to this stranger.
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“Almost everybody avoided his eye and darted off. One or two people looked at him warily. Nobody said 'hello '…