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Monday, December 29

Behold the Kettlebell

It's not that the gym visits don’t work – they do; but after 13 years I’ve become uninterested / bored.
So starting now, and through the New Year, I will be experimenting with other methods to tone muscles. (Please send me any of your suggestions.)

Behold the Kettlebell


These babies come in many sizes and styles. They apparently originated in Russia - but there is speculation that "kettlebells were used by Greek athletes and gladiators thousands of years ago."
I had to scan the internet to find the appropriate weight for my fitness level. Recommend starting size was 8kg or about 15 pounds.

It appeared much smaller than it’s stated weight. And came packaged with an informative DVD.
BTW. There is no shortage of good and bad techniques demonstrated over at YouTube. Noted: Many folks listen to Metallica while swinging these things around...

The most difficult routine for me so far was the Turkish Getup. It takes practice! I was concerned about my back. And of course the obvious fear of hitting myself in the head. I also discovered my right side is way stronger than my left. My favorite routine was the front squats. Doing squats with a solid wt in front feels great!
How I feel today: I have no ill effects except for a stiff left hand – my back is OK. The hamstrings and shoulders feel like they had an all over workout. So far - so good :0

Have a great Monday!