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Wednesday, February 11

Seated Groin Stretch

This week’s theme at Runner's Lounge TIaRT is.... If I could only do one stretch to help my running, I would continue to do an inner thigh stretch.
I'm not a happy runner when I have back pain.

As you can see in the above image, there are powerful upper thigh muscles connected deep within pelvic girdle. You don't want these muscles to tighten up and pull. Trust me; pelvic imbalance can lead to very unpleasant back pain.

Seated Groin Stretch
(Also caused the butterfly or frog stretch.)

I've been doing this stretch since the beginning of time. It is one of my - prevent lower back pain moves.
I sit on a small pillow with my legs brought up in front. Heel to heel. Then gently let the knees relax down toward the floor. Don't push them down! I usually massage my feet at the same time. If I have time, I lean forward, keeping my back straight – this accentuates the stretch. You can really feel it in the groin, lower back and gluteus maximus!

Anatomy image from Get Body Smart – A wondrous site!
Stretching for Runners - Running Stretch Descriptions
Thanks FS for taking my picture :0