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Tuesday, September 1

Food Questions

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I always read a writer’s bio. I need to know the person behind the article. In last month's Vegetarian Times , they asked the contributors several questions. The answers were so varied.
Why are we so different when it comes to food?

Here are a few of questions with my responses:

  1. What’s your No.1 grocery splurge?” I would have to say a good $$$ Balsamic vinegar or a jar of organic pasta sauce. (I usually make my own.)
  2. What’s your most treasured family recipe?” Because I’m vegetarian now, most of my family recipes are no longer viable. But I would have to say a Christmas Shortbread recipe still lingers although it has been somewhat modified…
  3. What’s your No.1 pantry staple?” Vegetable bullion cubes and Garlic cloves. I’m attempting to reduce my sodium intake. I used to free pour soy sauce over my stir-fry dishes. Now I mix half a tablespoon with water. I found fresh garlic and lots of it is a great replacement for salt.
  4. What was your most memorable dining experience ever?”When the master cook at an Asian restaurant found out we were vegetarian, he went off to his main kitchen and came back with several unique sushi rolls - elaborately fashioned with such things as grated beets and exotic mushrooms. O – Did I tell you we were at the Palms in Vegas!
I’m curious to hear your answers!