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Monday, January 4

New Ideas for 2010

Along with my new blog design (which is still in flux) I’ve been working on some new ideas (goals) for the New Year.

* To include a weekly video clips from one of my runs. Santa gave me an Apple iPod nano 8 GB(5th Generation) which has built-in video camera. I would love to capture and share some of the scenery I pass by. I still have to practice shooting and running but the few clips I’ve done already are amazing.

* Work on Gretchen Rubin’s 2010 Happiness project. Each month, she proposes an area of life to tackle for your project.
I will try and incorporate my running and fitness goals. (Check out the sidebar (soon) for upcoming projects.)

* To follow the training plan for Masters Runners by Brad Hudson – Run Faster
I like his philosophy, “Modify workouts as your go based on your body’s response to the last workout…” In the past, I was taking on training plans that were meant for younger bodies.
I start training for a half marathon this week. His plan includes 4 miles + 1x8 sec. hill sprints – now all I have to do is find a hill!

The Happiness Project:

What plans do you have for 2010?