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Tuesday, January 26

Running With Time Instead of Distance

clip art clockGalloway’sschedule for the Half-Marathon has training days which include fartleks, drills and stride work, but instead of specifying a set amount of miles, he gives a time frame of 40- 60 minutes.

I’m really loving this!

Totally eliminates these thoughts:

  • If I run faster, I will be home sooner.
  • Why am I running so slow…?
Time...It ticks and tocks incessantly - you can sense it in your heartbeat, in the rising and setting of the sun, and in your daily rush to make meetings, trains and deadlines. It brings order to our lives through the categories of past, present and future.” -Amanda Gefter
I’m a believer that there are circumstances that actually modify time.

Slows time down:
  • Sunrises…
  • Doing a 2 min plank.
  • 1st mile of a race.
  • Any track work.
  • Waiting for a kettle to boil.
  • Waiting for a light at an intersection with turning lanes.
  • Last 2 hrs of work.
  • Brushing your teeth using the timer function on your electric toothbrush.
  • Riding in an elevator.
Speeds time up:
  • Last mile of a race.
  • Getting up late.
  • Getting ready for a race.
  • Bedtime.
  • Being late for work.

Have you ever experienced alterations in time?

Is Time an Illusion?