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Tuesday, February 16

Podcast Potpourri

Now that I have an authentic iPod (Thank-you Santa)
I can link up directly with ITunes to find the latest and greatest podcasts. I'm currently running with 18 – though many don’t update weekly.
I usually split my run time by listening to intelligent talk first and then music. (But there are days when I just listen to the FM.)

Some of my Favorite running podcasts are:ipod


Chris mixes it up with his own personal stories and great interviews. Plus he wraps up each session with a great run home song.

Run Vegan Run
Unfortunately Megan doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about her vegan lifestyle - but the recorded runs with her husband are amusing!

Running in the Center of the Universe
I’ve just started listening to Dave and I’m already hooked. Sadly he mentioned in his latest a reduction in his posts. Hopefully not throwing in the towel like....Trilogy Running.

Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone
Listening to Carla and Shauna chitchatting always inspires me. Topics covering everything from weight loss to weight lifting!

Stuff You Should Know
This podcast is from How Stuff Works. These guys cover all sorts of crazy topics like Witchcraft to how Braille works.

This is a new podcast from the boys over at NYT. They explore the hidden side of everything. Last week's post tries to explain how careless we’ve become when we are over protected.

I love the in-depth discussion these guys have to share. Their total knowledge of movies is displayed with each movie they review. Best yet is the friendly banter when they disagree.

Any podcast recommendations?

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