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Monday, March 22

Tiger Balm - An Old Friend

  • “Originally named for containing tiger bone, an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine dating back 1,500 years to treat pain.”
Fortunately today, the ingredients exclude this component...
I have several jars (tins) of Tiger Balm laying about the house. I use it for an assortment of elements ... anything from a sore toe to an aching back. It’s like my own secret panacea!
It’s not just the warming action that is therapeutic but the scent. I love the smell. Sometimes I rub it on my temples to preempt a headache.
(Just don’t get this stuff in your eyes.)
The scent is from a combination of clove, cassia (cinnamon) and cajuput oils. I find it comforting and reviving.

  • “It is the only sense that does not have to go through the digestive tract or spinal cord to be processed. It immediately goes to the brain and elicits a response.” – NAHA

What scents do you find therapeutic?

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Scientists estimate that there are now only 3,200 tigers left in the wild : (