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Saturday, July 10

Unfulfilled Potential

I love this guy’s art - Hugh Mcleod. One day he’s witty with a sarcastic edge the next, heart-felt with that all so essential human connection.
As a (self-competitive) runner this one hit home.

The Utter Terror of Unfulfilled Potential

Art Hugh Mcleod
A somewhat earthly creature as he crosses the finish line – just short of that almighty PR.

The expression:

  • “I know I have it in me.”
  • “I will do better in the next race.”
  • “Never look back…”
  • “Guilty!”
  • “Keep on running!”
What expressions do see?

This post was inspired by the GapingVoid-100 people project.

No Zombies Allowed (#100ppl)

Have a great summer!