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Wednesday, January 17


I like the discipline of running. An arrangement I have with myself. Once executed, there is a beginning then the bonus of satisfaction on competition. My job does not offer this type of fulfillment. Like Jonathon Flaum so eloquently noted in his article exploring job satisfaction:
"We put in hours at work and we take home money, but this compensation is only the measurable, tangible by-product of work and far from its whole summation."
We apparently need more!
I started reading this amusing book: "blue jelly", all about a woman, heartbroken by a boyfriend, who turns to canning and preserving to put order and control back in her life. (Serious diversion.)
If you have ever done any canning or even watched someone in the process, you will note a methodical rhythm that must be followed if you want to succeed. From sterilizing the jars to even making the labels - an assembly with a reward -> homemade blueberry jam.
And I thought I was the only person who craved this type of orderly fulfillment
Fortunately, running does this for me. One step follows the next - to the next corner, next light, next bridge and so on - homeward bound.