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Thursday, February 8

Be Prepared

It has been a concern of mine, the longer I run - the further away from home I will be... Is this safe for a lone female runner?
Currently, I carry on my mp3 player, an image with my address and # of who to call if I'm found unresponsive - but would anyone find it?
Perhaps I should plan on being better supplied:

  1. Cell phone

  2. ID band on shoelaces.

  3. Carry a map or my Garmin,so I don't get lost.

  4. Water and snacks - non-gelatin gummi feet would be nice.

  5. Repair kit inclucing; bandaids, vaseline and tiger balm.

  6. Pepper spray, whistle, flares, Taser gun?

My only question is, how do I carry all this stuff around?