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Wednesday, February 7

Reward Yourself

This blogger takes rewarding yourself to a new intensity. He incorporates rewards for even mini goals he's completed. No need to wait forever for remuneration. You can get your fix daily!
But is this behavior childish? According to this book, "treats are an effective way to add pleasure to your life."

A joyless time filled only with task done out of duty or guilt cramp your ability to develop. - Managing Your Mind
First you have to give yourself consent to treat yourself. This is a concept I have issues with.

It's my duty/job.
I'm not at a juncture where rewards are indicated.
Work = $$$
This is just a regular task.

Well starting today I'm going to put a star sticker on my mileage chart instead just highlighting it.
Whoa 6.5 miles.

"Be proud of yourself."
- zen habits