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Monday, February 19

Clothing Creates Drag

In the midst of gusty winds I tug on my cap as my ponytail tosses from side to side. This activity is slowing me down.
But what about wind resistance - does it actually slow you down? Yes it can. And there are a number of variables to consider, like size, speed and remember this - > clothing.
The cap alone was probably a big factor, never mind my baggy water resistance pants...

"Wind resistance can be reduced significantly by clever design of clothing."

So on windy days reconsider your outfit: Reduce Drag.
- try shirts with small ribbing running down each side of the chest.
- forget the hat. (I wear caps to reduce sun exposure.)
- tights. (NO I will never go back to tights.)
- wear shorts
- get some kewl aerodynamic shades.

"A head wind reduces a runner's speed more than a tail wind aids it."
ref. - What factors affect a runner's speed.