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Wednesday, February 21

Food Or Water

I don't feel hungry or thirsty at the 7 mile mark - minor or major detail?
Dawn takes with her on her long runs water, pretzels, gummies, and chocolatey puffed wheat squares. (Ok)
Curtis has a banana before and then brings a cookie or two.

I read somewhere you should be eating something after one hour of running to keep up your energy. But scanning online today I found this quote:

"The first thing to cause muscle fatigue isn't stress, lack of sleep, lactic acid, or muscle-fuel levels; it's dehydration!"

I did have a pre-run coffee {bad} and a handful of cheerios but only a small amount of water as I have bladder issues.{dont ask}
Maybe I should run along the park where water fountains and communal potty outlets are available. I'm not convinced yet, that I need to carry snacks. {I have visions of my dentist shaking his head -> "Eating sweets and not brushing your teeth!}

So just how does the body turn sugar into energy?
....O no not the dreaded Krebs Cycle.

According to this site my BMI is 18.2 -> I need more chocolate!
BTW. 15 fluid ounces of water equals one pound.