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Monday, February 26

Need Iron?

No, I'm not happy with a max hr of 200 bpm! (Resting 49) Maybe I need more Iron?
With each footstep runners crush red blood cells - reducing circulating Iron.
An Iron deficentcy can make you tired, slow you down and even plateau your aerobic gains.
· Constant tiredness
· Pale skin
· Cold hands and feet
· Brittle nails
· Increased heart rate
Ref: Prevent magazine, NIH

As a vegetarian I don't have any spare Iron to waste. Vegetarian Books recommend up 33mg daily. (Adult meat-eaters range around 18 mg daily.)
However this article from the NIH suggests I may need more.

Many men and women who engage in regular, intense exercise such as jogging, competitive swimming, and cycling have marginal or inadequate iron status [181-85<]. Possible explanations include increased gastrointestinal blood loss after running and a greater turnover of red blood cells. Also, red blood cells within the foot can rupture while running. For these reasons, the need for iron may be 30% greater in those who engage in regular intense exercise.
1 - gov
Sources of Iron include;
prunes, whole grain cereals, raisins, nuts, beans, leafy green vegetables, sesame seeds, soya flour, pulses (seaweed), cocoa, curry powder, and molasses.

I'm going to add a can of black beans to the spaghetti sauce tonight!
And order these:
VegLife Iron Tabs